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Meet the team


My name is Amelia Garcia, owner and operator of Blue Skies Cleaning Services LLC. I have dedicated my career life to quality cleanliness. I graduated dental school in Mexico in 1995. I then moved to North Carolina in 2000 where I worked as a certified dental assistant for 23 years. For the past 5 years, I have collaborated with my team to serve our community, offering a fresh start in the places where we dedicate ourselves to serving others—both at work and at home.



My name is Izaura Batista, co-owner and operator of Blue Skies Cleaning Services LLC. I graduated as an Electronics Technician and an Aesthetics Technician then worked as a Quality Inspector for more than 10 years in Brazil where I gained the experiences of paying attention to every detail and also being demanding. As a cleaner I'm dependable and hardworking with plenty of experiences in different environments. I'm trustworthy, detail-oriented, and always make sure that my clients' needs are met. Helping my community with my services is what I love most!

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